Koen Knevel is an independent Amsterdam based graphic designer educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the Hague. His signature is strongly defined by the craft of typography. The result is always reached via the ‘less is more’ aproach consisting a strong play of simpel visual elements combined till tactile easthetics. Koen’s designs are used for any given outlet. His experiences varie from identity’s, posters, magazines, books, campaigns, videos, banners till apps and websites. Projects big or small, commercial or cultural, spreading several hours till multiple weeks, he’s experienced in all.

Koen masters a toolkit containing the latest Adobe software but doesn’t avoid authentic techniques like silkscreen printing or pencil drawn letters. Koen shines when the assignment is pure, creative and original but his talent holds up under commercial or corporate constraints. Besides all the above Koen is a really nice and approacable guy. If you’d like a chat about typography, fishing, surfing or a possible assignment, send him an email or drop by for a coffee or a beer.


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